Our Market Focus - Based on Competencies & Experiences

Knowledge Compass helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) balance their customer wants with what their business can profitably deliver. Fusing industry experience with business and technology acumen, we provide deep analysis, robust insights and market intelligence, and strategic business direction to ensure successful business financial and productivity outcomes.

Be the Force Behind Change - Engage Knowledge Compass Consultants! 

Bring the promise of enriched business strategy, promise of innovative technology and the knowledge and power of collaboration to maintain or obtain a competitive market advantage. 

Small & Medium Business (SMB)

Start-up Business / Entrepreneurs

Industry Focus 

We provide industry-centric services to customers across an array of industry sectors with proven domain centric competencies. By leveraging our industry experience, we deliver the highest quality results and assist customers to address their specific business and technology challenges and requirements. We concentrate on the industry sectors where we have the practical and exceptional domain expertise and where we can deliver the greatest value to our customers.

Knowledge Compass understands that no two industries have the exact requirements and challenges. Issues that are important to the Healthcare industry are different from those in the Manufacturing sector, and the priorities of Public Sector organizations are entirely different from those in the commercial environment.