The Healthcare industry have long been confronted with extreme revenue pressures and profitability erosion. This destructive direction is expected to continue in 2019 as spending increases are projected to be driven by the growing elderly population, new clinical and patient care technology, and rising labor and benefits costs. As health care costs increase though, affordability and insurance coverage remain problematic and a prime concern for industry executives.

Key challenges facing healthcare providers encompass:

In 2019, optimization and  and monetization of healthcare resources empowered with technology-based solutions will represent key mission-critical decision-points for industry executives. Consequently, there will be a significant attraction to realize the recognized benefits of digital transformation to positively manage efficiency and effectiveness across the healthcare value chain. Supporting emerging technologies to ensure successful initiatives embrace: Artificial Intelligence, Bots, mobile, wearables, telehealth, Big Data analytics, and robotics.


Knowledge Compass Consultants work with healthcare clients to implement strategies that:

  1. Improve healthcare facility productivity: streamline and simplify policies, procedures, and processes.
  2. Assimilate and seamlessly share systematized patient records and data with healthcare stakeholders.
  3. Capture and leverage key patient data insights to improve diagnostic, treatment and recovery activities.
  4. Develop more cost-effective healthcare services and products thereby lowering patient spending.
  5. Increase patient digital access points of quality healthcare.

Healthcare Sector Coverage

Healthcare Services & Facilities
Devices, Equipment & Supplies
Pharmaceuticals & FDA Support
Private & Public Healthcare Insurance

2021 Strategic Industry Focus

Healthcare 2018 Strategic Initiative - 1
Healthcare 2018 Strategic Initiative - 2
Healthcare 2018 Strategic Initiative - 3

"A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large."

Henry Ford

Our Value-Added Consulting

We offer personalized consulting services to help healthcare industry executives successfully: develop new products and services, design and implement new smart technology approaches and solutions, design corporate culture and process-centric change programs, and streamline infrastructure processes to improve productivity and profitability.