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We help small and medium business (SMB) companies and start-up businesses develop deep insights into the needs of their markets and customers, align their business and technology around a shared vision of the future environment, and create the corporate strategic momentum for success.

What We Do

Solve business and technology problems and capitalize on profitability opportunities.

Why Are We Different

.Provide consultants with knowledge, objectivity, structured approach, and out-of-box thinking.

What are the Results

Improve profitability and productivity, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage.

The Bottom Line: What Clients Say

The Knowledge Compass relationship-building journey is lined with credibility and expertise and testimonials from loyal clients and are a critical part of the presence of our business.
Healthcare Product Manufacturer

Healthcare Product Manufacturer

Executive Vice President

“Thank you Knowledge Compass for making our start-up a reality and success with your highly professional consultants providing strategic direction and mentoring, and responsive implementation support."

Software & Engineering Services Provider

Software & Engineering Services Provider


“Knowledge Compass performance was exceptional - deliverables were professional and high-quality, completed on schedule. It was a pleasure to work in a true collaborative team.”

Middle East Country: US Embassy

Middle East Country: US Embassy

Consulate Director

“Knowledge Compass team of exceptional business and technical consultants successfully developed, designed and launched a mobile communications strategy and application on time and budget."

Executive Insights

This forum provides a space for dialog and discussions on current business and technology thinking, announcements, and what's going on! We publish this Blog to gain and maintain trust and rapport with current and future clients, and guests.

CLOUD 2021: Strategic & Tactical Considerations

COVID-19 created a perfect storm that resulted in multiplied crises occurring in the public and private sectors globally. The consequences of these pandemic troubles have disturbed lives, pushed the healthcare systems to capacity, limiting supply chain logistics, created a severe economic slowdown, and endangered corporate sustainability and long-term business success.

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