Strategic Planning is Start-up Mission Critical Activity 

Service Description

Knowledge Compass helps founders and entrepreneur create successful and business models and supporting strategies, financial projections, resource allocation initiatives, and implementation plans. 

Our services are based on strategic perspectives obtained from market trends and intelligence, bench-marking, business cases, and strategic studies focused on the start-up targeted market and products.

Key service deliverables includes provision of an executable-ready framework for implementation and monitoring of enterprise and/or divisional-level strategic plans and start-up  Business Plan and Financial Projections.

Service Scope & Components

Consultant Approach 

Business SWOT

Conduct start-up organizational SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis. Create actions to neutralize and / or mitigate identified weaknesses and threats, leverage strengths and exploit opportunities.

Threats & Risk Assessment 

Identify current and future exposure to threats and risks with potential for negative financial impacts.

Corporate Strategic Framework 

Create corporate business model vision, mission, goals, and objectives for current year and four years in the future. 

Competitive Analysis 

Conduct competitive market and product analysis with key competitors. 


Infrastructure and Processing 

Design infrastructure function and systems and business processes to support the corproate business model.

Corporate Strategies 

Develop corporate business and technology strategies in alignment with the corporate strategic framework. 

Financial Projections 

Develop corporate financial projections for current and four forward years, based on the strategic framework and strategies.

Business Plan 

Prepare Business Plan documented all of the information uncovered and generated in client discussion, market trends, and research intelligence. 

Knowledge Compass provides clients with professional and structured consulting engagements organized and managed within a formal methodology and project plan environment.

All projects are customized, based on clients' needs and requirements, and include one or more problem and opportunity frameworks, an array of information gathering and analysis tools, and supporting collaborative stakeholder sessions and challenge workshops. Read More.

Case Studies & Experiences 

“Strategic planning is the foundation of your business. It’s a roadmap with key decision points, measures, and timing for how to structure, run, and grow your new company.”

Kevin M. O'Sullivan, Small Business Strategic Planning Webinar, 2017