Content Management: Productivity & Profitability Enabler

Service Profile: What we offer

Knowledge Compass help clients create content strategies and frameworks that manage enterprise and divisional level information, data and records within corporate business processes, web sites, and business software apps. Scope includes document, digital media, web content and, records management solutions.

Our services are based on an understanding of the client’s current and future business strategies and goals, technology environment and challenges, and current and future business process design.

The key service deliverable is a Content Management Strategy and Framework that supports rapid internal development or purchase of an off-the-shelf content platform or solution.

Service Scope & Components

Consultant Approach 

Business Strategies & Policies 

Review current business strategies and policies with focus on content management empowering activities. Identify missing and incomplete content-supported strategies and policies as supported by AIIM and industry best practices.

Business Process Mapping 

Map current (As-Is) and future (To-Be) business environment state process(es) with end user, system, content, decision-points, notifications and alerts, and reporting interactions. Identify 'Gaps' between As-Is and To-Be  environments, productivity-killing practices, and content use obstacles and misuse.

Technology Environment Assessment 

Assess future technology environment and identify 'Gaps' in ability of planned technology to adequately support future (To-Be) business process and content management requirements.

Content Management Requirements 

Identify content business and technical requirements that align with corporate strategies, policies, and future (To-Be) business environment state processes. Develop (or reconfirm) future content requirements, including, streamlined content activities, risk mitigation, and cost effectiveness.

Content Logical System Model 

Develop content management logical functional model supporting content management business and technical requirements. Model is structured representation of key functions (activities, actions, processes, operations) of planned content management system.

Content Management Framework 

Create Content Management Framework to support internal system development or acquisition of off-the-shelf content platform or solution.

Knowledge Compass provides clients with professional and structured consulting engagements organized and managed within a formal methodology and project plan environment.

All projects are customized, based on clients' needs and requirements, and include one or more problem and opportunity frameworks, an array of information gathering and analysis tools, and supporting collaborative stakeholder sessions and challenge workshops. Read More.

Case Studies & Experiences 

“In the current environment, content management is about delivering and controlling effectual digital experiences among numerous channels with customized software solutions based on a core content repository.”

Kevin M. O'Sullivan, Knowledge Management Webinar, 2015