New Software Environment: Lower Cost and Greater Flexibility

Service Profile: What we offer

Knowledge Compass help clients evaluate and select software solutions, conduct vendor RFP and RFI events,  and perform vendor due-diligence and contract negotiation.

Our services are based on an understanding of the client's current and future business strategies and goals, business processes, and technology environment. 

The key service deliverable is a comprehensive evaluation of short-listed software vendors and products with evaluation criteria and weighted value scores supported with negotiation services to ensure a value-based cost-effective contract. 

Service Scope & Components

Consultant Approach 

Corporate Strategy Review

Review corporate business and technology strategies to ensure that planned software is strategically in alignment and appropriate for use in enterprise environment or select business and support units.

Business Process & Functionality Review

Review current (As-Is) and future (To-Be) processing planned for automation or upgrade to confirm that underlying activities will be streamlined and resource-optimized with use of planned software solution.

Technology Environment Assessment 

Review current and future technology environment to ensure planned software solution fits within technical architecture and production environment and able to be integrated with required systems and software.

Conduct RFP and RFI Events and Due Diligence 

Identify planned software solution 'best-in-class' software vendors and products for evaluation. Conduct customized RFP and RFI events with potential software vendors. Perform due diligence on short-listed vendors.

Software Vendor & Product Evaluation  

Evaluate vendor responses based on agree selection criteria and generate weighted product scores for 'short-list' and final vendor and product selection.

Vendor Contract Negotiation Assistance 

Assist client with vendor negotiations obtain a legally sound, value-based, and cost-effective contract.

Knowledge Compass provides clients with professional and structured consulting engagements organized and managed within a formal methodology and project plan environment.

All projects are customized, based on clients' needs and requirements, and include one or more problem and opportunity frameworks, an array of information gathering and analysis tools, and supporting collaborative stakeholder sessions and challenge workshops. Read More.

Case Studies & Experiences 

“Recognize the benefits that technology provides the business, by understanding the resources and capabilities required to generate positive financial outcomes.”

Kevin M. O'Sullivan, Quality Circle Workshop, 2008