The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a disruptive and beneficial technological force for most industries and recently the healthcare industry. Smart devices, equipment, system software, and components and communications networks are evolving into autonomous, ubiquitous and interconnected intelligent networks. When this smart technological advancement applies to the traditional healthcare industry sectors the results are noteworthy. Connected medical devices transform the way the healthcare industry works, both within healthcare facilities and between different healthcare industry stakeholders.

Imagine a medical electronic device collecting information on patients’ vital signs becoming “smart”? Or a medical device that monitors life-supporting equipment to be able to react on any change of patient status? Coupled medical devices can result in improved patient safety and efficiency, mainly if connected to clinical information systems. When this applies to the whole healthcare ecosystem, it becomes a Smart Healthcare facility.

Today’s healthcare environment is embracing the benefits of using innovative smart technology to improve the quality of healthcare, transforming traditional activities into smart healthcare solutions. Smart healthcare includes technologies that lead to significantly improved diagnostic tools, better treatment for patients, and devices and equipment that improve patient quality of life.

Key Smart Healthcare Elements 

Key elements and use of smart healthcare encompass:

  • Patients proactively involved with healthcare professionals in their treatment plan.
  • Patients provided more improved treatments delivered with correct smart devices and equipment.
  • Clinicians improve patient diagnose accuracy and treatments with more focused medical procedures and medicines.
  • Patient data located in a centralized digital repository and easily available to all patient-managed healthcare professionals.
  • Healthcare facilities improve productivity and profitability with the use of smart technologies integrated across the total organization.

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