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We help small and medium business (SMB) companies and start-up businesses develop deep insights into the needs of their markets and customers, align their business and technology around a shared vision of the future environment, and create the corporate strategic momentum for success.

What We Do

Solve business and technology problems and capitalize on profitability opportunities.

Why Are We Different

.Provide consultants with knowledge, objectivity, structured approach, and out-of-box thinking.

What are the Results

Improve profitability and productivity, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage.

The Knowledge Compass relationship-building journey is lined with credibility and expertise and testimonials from loyal clients and are a critical part of the presence of our business.
Technology R&D Services Company

Technology R&D Services Company


" It has been a pleasure to work with Knowledge Compass on strategic alignment. Our Team greatly appreciated the structured project environment, consultants’ dedication and creativity, market and technology experience and insights. The value of the deliverables far exceeded our expectations and have provided a significant benefit to improving our corporate profitability and productivity."

Healthcare Product Manufacturer

Healthcare Product Manufacturer

Executive Vice President

" As a start-up entrepreneur my key goal was to quickly and cost-effectively commercialize our breakthrough new product idea and establish an organization and infrastructure to support a successful production environment. Thank you Knowledge Compass for making our business a reality with your highly professional consultants providing strategic direction, tools, methods, and implementation support. "

Software Development Services Provider

Software Development Services Provider


" Knowledge Compass was engaged to design a new ecosystem to revolutionize how we will operate in our targeted space and be a competitive force now and the future. We were impressed by Knowledge Compass’ highly-structured approach that supported completion of the very valuable pragmatic and insightful ecosystem strategy and design."

Executive Insights

This forum provides a space for dialog and discussions on current business and technology thinking, announcements, and what's going on! We publish this Blog to gain and maintain trust and rapport with current and future clients, and guests.
Analysis Techniques

Critical Thinking Primer

The current digital economy is a true testimony of the success of companies that have embraced critical thinking as a mission-critical activity. For example, Apple, Google, Face Book and Microsoft and others continually collapse their Read more

Analysis Techniques

KM Metrics & Measure

In order to understand the real value and associated benefits of corporate knowledge management (KM) strategic initiatives and programs, it is crucial to assess its impact (qualitative and quantitative) on the more direct outcomes of Read more

Change Management

KM Vision & Blueprint

Leveraging knowledge is a key competitive advantage for success in the current economy.  The success of knowledge management (KM) programs involves almost total change in the manner employees, business processes and technology interact with each Read more

Change Management

Peter F. Drucker Quotes

This is one of a series of Knowledge Compass articles that present insightful and pointed quotations of important authors, thinkers, philosophers and others that have influenced culture, business and world events over the years in Read more

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